Jordan Freedman


I had the rare opportunity to work with Amber Zamora on an incredibly challenging renovation that required a significant seismic retrofit. Amber worked tirelessly with the General Contractor, the engineering team and the owner to establish a detailed renovation plan that could be implemented on a very tight timeline along side all of the other construction trades. Complicating matters, it was essential to develop a retrofitting scheme that would allow the building to remain occupied during the course of the work.

Amber’s honesty, creativity and communication, both prior to and during construction was extraordinary and if not for Amber’s leadership, our project would not have been successful. When approaching new renovation projects, requiring structural improvements, Amber is is our “go-to” person! I enjoy working with Amber because of her eagerness to help the team, and her ability to provide cost and time saving solutions. Her high standards and integrity are reflected in her everyday activities, thus earning our trust as a valued service provider.

Johnathan Haghani


I have had the privilege to work with Amber Zamora over the past 10 years. On each occasion, she as exceeded expectations with best in class professionalism, diligence, industry knowledge and project delivery.  Look forward to bidding and completing more projects in the future.

Jon Kelly


I have worked with Amber on several industrial tilt-up retrofits, including buildings with sensitive tenant operations. In each case, I relied upon her expertise and integrity to get the project done without issue and within budget. With Amber I didn’t need to micro­manage, as she provided consistent updates and informed us immediately if there were any questions or concerns. Even during the bid process, Amber identified challenges or concerns that helped vet the project early on, so that once construction began, the project ran smoothly.

Giancarlo Da Prato, CCIM


We have worked with Amber on all of our due diligence and pricing activities with regards to seismic retrofits and industrial buildings. Her deep knowledge of the trade has allowed us to make quick and accurate assessments in the market. Her willingness to work hand in hand throughout the acquisition process is refreshing and is a valuable asset to our capital deployment team. We were able to close on several projects with Amber and relied upon Amber’s expertise to execute the work. We continue to work with her on our projects and  would highly recommend Amber on any projects.